Love the Broads was set up and is managed by the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads Charitable Trust – more commonly known simply as ‘The Broads Trust’. The Trust helps Broads-based bodies by providing fund-raising support and promoting improvements for people who work in, live in and visit this unique wetland.

The idea of a Broads Charitable Trust was discussed as long ago as 1998. However, it was not until 2006 that the Broads Society revived the concept, which led to the establishment of the Broads Trust as a registered charity in 2008. This was helped by a legacy of £11,500, which was left by Lady Mayhew, a member of the well-known Colman’s Mustard family, who was an enthusiastic sailor and lover of the Broads. This money was made available to the new charity, which was designed to fund projects for the good of the Broads that were not already part of the statutory duty of any of the Broads-based local authorities. The Trust acts as a fund-raising charity and works with other Broads-related charities and interested bodies to stimulate and support sustainable and high quality projects with clear public and community benefits. Any projects the Trust supports or undertakes will be expected to contribute to one or more of the following aims:

• Protect biodiversity
• Conserve and enhance the natural environment, including wildlife
• Provide appropriate facilities for residents and visitors
• Maintain and improve the navigable waterways of the Broads
• Promote the responsible use of land and water resources
• Interpret the unique ecosystem that is the Broads
• Create educational resources to promote better understanding
• Inform and engage the interest of young people
• Sustain community life in the Broads area
• Maintain the cultural heritage of the Broads
• Address the local consequences of climate change


The Broads Trust is also behind the ‘Love the Broads’ visitor giving scheme, whose purpose is to provide a way for our visitors to make small financial contributions towards protecting this timeless, tranquil landscape. Along with Broads Tourism and with the help of the Broads Authority, the Broads Trust manages the scheme and is responsible each year for distributing the funds to appropriate beneficiaries. The main aims of projects deriving benefit from the Love the Broads scheme should be to:

• Improve access and visitor interpretation.
• Care for our rich biodiversity.
• Provide conservation education for the next generation.
• Play a part in protecting this precious landscape.



Getting involved
If you have an interest in the Broads and would like to become involved with the Trust, why not get in touch? Send us an email to – we’d love to hear from you.

Click here to download Broads Trust Business Plan.

Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Charitable Trust
c/o 2 Littlewood Lane
NR12 8DZ
Registered Charity No. 1124552

Chairman: Keith Bacon (Acting)
Treasurer: Kit Cator
Administrator: Mrs. Alex Howe
Peter Howe, Keith Bacon, Martin Dunford, Simon Egan, Paul Hayden, Bruce Hanson, Nigel Best, Nigel Brennan and George Elliott



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