Enjoying nature and wondering if we can do things a little differently



Have you noticed how much cleaner the air feels and how more noticeable our wildlife seems to be?

These are such challenging times for everyone and everywhere, especially the unique Broads National Park but the good news is that there will never be a better time to recognise the beauty of our natural environment and how we may be able do things a little differently from now on to protect the wildlife, waterways and landscape. Managed badly the impact of tourism numbers on our fragile landscape can be very damaging. The challenge before us is how to retain our rediscovered world, reduce the impact our businesses create and look forward together to reducing climate change but also to operate in a viable environment for business and organisations.

At present, with all our business partners closed, we have little income but as plans for the future are developed we hope that our income will be restored.  Will a brave new world emerge from the ashes of the virus pandemic?

At Love the Broads we certainly hope so and we would like to work with our business partners and supporters to continue to raise funds to be channelled to exciting projects on the Broads which help wildlife and the environment but which also enhance the visitor experience. Please help us continue our work to keep the Broads special.   You can make a donation HERE

Thank you.


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