Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association – Improving Fen Access for Reed Harvesting

The purchase of specialist mats will help to protect the fragile peat fen from compression from even light-weight reed cutting machinery. This project aims to provide modern equipment to adapt operations to climate change and rising sea levels. It will improve access to a number of sites that are managed for conservation and commercial reed, (renowned for its high quality and used in fencing and thatching roofs across the country) and sedge.  It will involve the purchase of 20 track mats to prevent ground damage to these biodiverse peat fens and facilitate the removal of the quality local product from the marsh.  Currently many areas of marsh can only be accessed on foot and laying these transportable and temporary track ways over areas of unstable ground will enable the Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association‘s members to use machinery to remove the final product.

Date: January 2020

Grant applicant: Broads Reed and Sedge Cutters Association

Grant provided: £1,200



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