Thurne Mill – Capturing Memories of the Mill

The Friends of Thurne Mill was created 5 years ago.  Their purpose is to keep visitors and residents informed and involved and grow the interest in this iconic Broads historic Mill.  This project will creat a physical and digital history about the folk who lived and worked at the Mill and the impact it had on the local community.  A Love the Broads grant will part-fund the costs of recording and digital equipment to enable this historical record to be captured now and to be added to in the future.

“By granting these funds, we will be able to create an archive that will last through the generations.  It means a great deal to the organisation and we are really looking forward to getting started”,
Friends of Thurne Mill

Date: 2019

Grant Applicant: Friends of Thurne Mill
Grant Amount: £2,034.10

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