Norfolk & Suffolk Broads Yacht Owners Association

Love Sailing on the Norfolk Broads project aims to showcase the Broads as a major sailing destination and to encourage adults, schools and youth groups, with an interest in sailing, to visit  or return to the Broads.

The NSBYOA consists of the 5 last remaining (larger) sailing yacht hire companies left on the Norfolk Broads.  These are Eastwood Whelpton, Hunter’s Yard (NFHT), Martham Boats | Norfolk Broads Boating, Cruiser & Sailing Holidays, Swallowtail and Olivers Sailing Holidays.  It aims to visit key tourism events to market the Broads’ sailing offer.  This would require a gazebo and banners to attract and engage with visitors at relevant Shows.  Funding was provided towards the cost of purchasing a gazebo and banners to effectively market sailing in the Broads.

Date: 2018

Applicant: Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Yacht Owners Association

Total Grant:  £1,500

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