Burnt Fen Alpacas

Burnt Fen Alpacas is a working alpaca farm situated near Horning. As well as being able to enjoy time with the alpacas ambling around Burnt Fen Broad, visitors can book a days felting course in Kurt – a Mongolian Yurt. Ann Nickerson is a spinner, felter and weaver of alpaca fibre and is passionate about her alpacas and working with their wonderful fibre.


Garden Cottage
Burnt Fen Road
NR12 8LA

Visitors by appointment. Please note that this is a working farm so appointments are essential


01692 630553

“We are delighted to be involved with Love the Broads in their
mission to help support the unique and beautiful environment
which is the Broads National Park.”

Ann Nickerson

Visit website here: www.burntfen.co.uk

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