A Piece of Cake

As part of the local community, A Piece of Cake prides themselves that everything sold is homemade and, where possible, created using local products and suppliers.

A wide variety of delicious eating options are offered, from breakfast through lunch and afternoon tea (afternoon tea must be booked 24 hours in advance) Customers can choose from a wide variety of beverages including Lavazza coffee, herbal teas and soft drinks. Gluten Free options are also available.


Liz Nelson, the Owner says, “We are pleased to be a flagship business supporter for Love the Broads and ask our clients to make a voluntary donation of just 10p on each slice of our popular bakewell slice.

The River Rooms
Church Close
Norwich NR12 7DL


01603 736090

“A Piece of Cake is situated at the heart of the Broads National Park in a community of Broads folk. We all care about this wonderful environment where we live and work and want it to remain special for future generations. We want wildlife to thrive and our children to understand the special qualities of the landscape and our visitors to enjoy a magical experience. We ask our guests for a small voluntary donation on just one of our products – our popular bakewell slice – to help Love the Broads and they are only too happy to make a donation. Some want to give more!”

Liz Nelson

Visit website here: www.coltishallcakes.co.uk

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