Despite the COVID-19 national emergency and our generous business partners being closed for many months, we are delighted to confirm that we are still receiving donations from tourism businesses and members and are now in a position to offer small grants for exciting projects.  

Projects we support. On this page you will find brief descriptions of the projects which have received support from funds from the Love the Broads donations since 2013.

Love the Broads has given nearly £60,000 of grants to 47 projects over the past 6 years thanks to donations from visitors to the Broads, local residents, tourism businesses and Love the Broads’ Members – thank you all so much.

You will find details of these and all other projects below.

For further details on the types of Love the Broads grants available and guidelines for making an application (see above announcement regarding Covid-19), please download our Guidance notes for applicants.

For an application form, which will enable you to make an application for either our Business Sponsorship or our Small Grants scheme, please download this Application Form. It can be filled in on your computer and sent in to us electronically.

For more detailed guidance on how to complete the Application Form and the sorts of information the Trust will need in order to reach a decision on your application, please download our How to complete an Application Form notes.

For information about the terms and conditions which are likely to be attached to any of the Love the Broads grants we make, please download this document.

All Project Applications should be sent by email as well as by post, along with supporting documentation to:

Mrs. Alex Howe, Hon. Secretary
The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Charitable Trust
2 Littlewood Lane, Hoveton, Norfolk NR12 8DZ

Telephone: 01603 783096

For further queries contact us through the link on the “contact us” page.



RAF Air Defence Radar Museum – Video recording of memories

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Video recordings of the memories and stories of the men and women who worked in this fascinating radar station throughout the Cold War period.  These unique historic recordings will be broadcast within an Exhibition at the Museum. They will add personality, engagement and historical information to the visitor experience and will inform young people of the challenging times and social history the Cold War era and ensure that these memories are available to all before they are lost forever.

(left) Peter Howe, Trustee of the Broads Trust, presenting a cheque to Trustees of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, Neatishead 

(right)  The Operations Room in the Radar Museum 

Date: January 2020

Grant Applicant: RAF Air Defence Radar Museum

Grant amount: £2,219.97



Thurne Mill – Capturing Memories of the Mill

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The Friends of Thurne Mill was created 5 years ago.  Their purpose is to keep visitors and residents informed and involved and grow the interest in this iconic Broads historic Mill.  This project will creat a physical and digital history about the folk who lived and worked at the Mill and the impact it had on the local community.  A Love the Broads grant will part-fund the costs of recording and digital equipment to enable this historical record to be captured now and to be added to in the future.

“By granting these funds, we will be able to create an archive that will last through the generations.  It means a great deal to the organisation and we are really looking forward to getting started”,
Friends of Thurne Mill

Date: 2019

Grant Applicant: Friends of Thurne Mill
Grant Amount: £2,034.10

Nancy Oldfield Trust – Wellbeing on Water – Audio Visual Equipment for presentations

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The Nancy Oldfield Trust, based at Neatishead, have been working on a project “Wellbeing on Water” to provide free boating activities for people who are in palliative care or who have received diagnosis of a terminal illness.  Love the Broads, thanks to the exclusive sponsorship of Norfolk Broads Direct, has fully funded the purchase of new audio visual equipment for use in an outreach programme visiting groups and organisations to talk about this initiative and to promote the use of their services.

Date: 2019

Grant Applicant: Nancy Oldfield Trust
Grant Awarded: £500

(exclusively sponsored by Norfolk Broads Direct)

Uncovering Otter Secrets on the Lower Waveney Marshes

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Otters have enormous popular appeal but there can also be conflict with anglers and garden pond-owners.  This project, which fully funded equipment and community workshops and talks, uses the newly discovered data from a volunteer-led and run study.  It monitors the otter population by recoding video evidence of the otter presence and behaviour patterns.  The project extended over three Suffolk Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves on the Lower Waveney and was centred at Carlton Marshes.

Date: 2019

“We’re very excited about receiving this grant and looking forward to getting the project underway.  Thank you”  Project Co-ordinator, Suffolk Mammal Group

Applicant:  Suffolk Otter Group
Total Grant: £822


Norfolk Wildlife Trust – Interpretation panels at Herons Carr Boardwalk

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Love the Broads provided a grant to Norfolk Wildlife Trust towards the cost of a series of interpretation panels at Herons Carr Boardwalk overlooking Barton Broad, the second largest of the Norfolk and Suffolk broads.  This was part of the Tipping the Balance project.

“Please pass on our sincere gratitude to the Trustees of the Broads Trust and Herbert Woods for their support of this project.  We are now able to move ahead with the interpretation, which is great news”,  Senior Grants Officer, NWT

Date: 2019

Applicant: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Total grant: £2,125

(exclusively sponsored by Herbert Woods Broads Holiday Adventures)


Introduction of Fen Raft Spider to the Broads

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The Broads has lost 67 species since the 1950s and research reveals that 423 rare species, including plants, insects and fish have not been recorded in the last 23 years. Projects such as this are the only way to secure the future of iconic wetland species.

This project, which is now completed, has enabled another new Broadland population of this rare and beautiful animal and to share the excitement with an ever growing audience.

Dr Helen Smith, who lead the project, commented in her completion report:

“We are very grateful to Love the Broads for their generous support for key elements of the Fen Raft Spider translocation programme between 2015 and 2018. During this period, the Broads Authority, and both Norfolk and Suffolk Wildlife Trusts also provided partnership funding to support the wider translocation and conservation programme. This recent phase of the programme built on earlier work financially supported by many organisations. These were led by Natural England and included the BBC Wildlife Fund and RSBP. The Sussex Wildlife Trust, 13 BIAZA-affiliated British Zoos and collections, and the Universities of East Anglian and Nottingham made other important contributions. Many individuals associated with these organisations, and many more volunteers from the region helped to make Broadland’s four new Fen Raft Spider populations a reality”

Total Grant amount: £750 per annum over 4 years 2015 -2018 – £3,000
Applicant: Broads Authority on behalf of SWT, RSPB and Natural England

For more info: Fen Raft Spider

Buoyancy aids and education resources for children to experience wetlands by boat at NWT’s Hickling and Ranworth Broads

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Exploring nature on the water allows children to experience wetland habitats from a unique perspective by boat on both Hickling and Ranworth Broads, both of which are teeming with wildlife. This project will help children of both primary and secondary age connect with this unique landscape in the Broads National Park using new equipment of binoculars and in a safe environment with the help of buoyancy aids.

Total Grant amount: £1,200
Applicant: Norfolk Wildlife Trust
Sponsor: Herbert Woods (Exclusive Sponsor)

Image courtesy of Richard Osbourne

Replacement of a footbridge at Rockland St Mary Staithe car park

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A new footbridge was required to replace the existing one which was not fit for purpose. The bridge connects Rockland St Mary car park, the Staithe and the Wherryman’s Way. The new bridge will enable access for all users including disabled visitors.

Total grant amount: £680
Applicant: Rockland St Mary Poor’s Trust

Information board at Coltishall Lock

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Barbara Greasley, Norfolk Broads Direct (right) with Trustees of Bure Navigation Conservation Trust and Broads Trust

Love the Broads has funded one of six information boards between Coltishall Lock and Aylsham. Each board contains the history of the navigation and local places of interest together with local footpaths and pictures of fauna and flora along the route.

Total grant amount: £1,100
Grant Applicant: Bure Navigation Conservation Trust
Sponsor:Norfolk Broads Direct
(exclusive sponsor)

The board will be of a similar design to the image to the right.

All terrain wheelchair

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Many visitors to Hall Farm cottages have mobility challenges. Situated at the heart of the Broads National Park and close to Horning, Hall Farm has access to many paths, communities and to unspoilt beaches. However, normal wheelchairs are not able to access some of these areas due to their terrain. To offer all visitors access to all areas and to ensure an enjoyable experience for the less able as well as their carers, family and friends, an all-terrain wheelchair has been purchased. This will also be hired to other local accommodation providers, when available.

Total grant amount: £550
Grant applicant: Hall Farm cottages

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