Projects we support. On this page you will find brief descriptions of the projects which have received support from funds from the Love the Broads donations since 2013.

Love the Broads is delighted to announce that 5 successful grant applications received £9,000 for small projects in 2016..  All of this money has been raised from donations from visitors to the Broads, local residents and tourism businesses - thank you so much.

We will be delighted to receive applications for Love the Broads funding by the end of June 2017.   

For further details on the types of Love the Broads grants available and guidelines for making an application, please download our Guidance notes for applicants.
For an application form, which will enable you to make an application for either our Business Sponsorship or our Small Grants scheme, please download this Application Form. It can be filled in on your computer and sent in to us electronically.
For more detailed guidance on how to complete the Application Form and the sorts of information the Trust will need in order to reach a decision on your application, please download our How to complete an Application Form notes.

For information about the terms and conditions which are likely to be attached to any of the Love the Broads grants we make, please download this document.

All Project Applications should be forwarded by post, along with supporting documentation to:
Lynne Finnigan, Love the Broads Development Officer
3 The Granary, Lenwade Mill, Norwich, NR9 5QA

For further queries contact us through the link on the “contact us” page.

New boat moorings at South Walsham

Development of a project to provide new boat moorings on South Walsham Broad for visitors and the local community, benefiting school children and other groups for environmental activities.

Grant amount: £2,121

This proejct is being exclusively sponsored by money raised by Ferry Marina and Norfolk Broads Direct

Application: Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden

For more info: Fairhaven Woodland & Water Garden

Fen Harvesting at Carlton & Oulton Marshes

Fen harvesting was required to increase biodiversity at Carlton & Oulton Marshes. The site, which benefits from a four year rotation, is now in need of cutting to improve the vegetation structure and create more edges for wildlife.

This project would allow the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to bring in a specialist fen harvester to create pioneer cuts and corridors into dense, inaccessible wet reed with circular pools at the end.

Grant amount:£2,540

Waveney River Centre will fund this project exclusively from their Love the Broads' donations

Grant Applicant: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

For more info: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Introduction of Fen Raft Spider to the Broads

The Broads has lost 67 species since the 1950s and research reveals that 423 rare species, including plants, insects and fish have not been recorded in the last 23 years. Projects such as this are the only way to secure the future of iconic wetland species.

The project will see the second introduction of spiders to Ludham Marshes and will train and support local volunteers for the all-important task of monitoring the success of populations. It will also engage with local communities by delivering talks to interest groups.

Grant amount: £750 per annum over 4 years - Total amount £3,000
Applicant: Broads Authority on behalf of SWT, RSPB and Natural England

For more info: Fen Raft Spider

Erection of Swift Nesting Tower at Whitlingham Country Park

A grant for this project aimed to help towards aims to secure the future of the swift. There has been a significant decline in the population and an additional 11,000 nests were estimated to be required to make up for the current declines in nesting provision in the UK. This project will help towards reducing the vulnerability of the swift population decline.

In the Whitlingham area, the swift has perfect conditions, with plentiful food and nesting opportunity in surrounding houses. New designs of nesting towers have been used in a handful of areas in the UK and Europe. These are providing opportunities for people to be inspired by wildlife whilst reducing the population decline of swifts.

To help the swifts, the Broads Authority, supported by a grant from Love the Broads, has built a tower with 20 nest chambers at Whitlingham Country Park. This is now busy welcoming swifts!

Andrea Kelly, Broads Authority Senior Ecologist, said: “One of the Authority’s duties relates to conservation and as part of this, we want to keep the sky over the Broads alive with swifts.

“At Whitlingham we are lucky to have plenty of insects in the meadows and woodland and near the water, so it’s a great place for birds such as swifts to feed and breed.”

Grant amount: Contribution of £500 towards total project cost

Applicant: Broads Authority in partnership with Whitlingham Charitable Trust

Museum of the Broads - new safety equipment

The Museum of the Broads is a registered charity and welcomes many thousands of visitors each year. A grant was provided to support the fitting of a safety ladder on the Museum's river frontage which has now been fitted. From this ladder will be a safety grab chain going to the southern and eastern ends of the existing quay heading.
It provides a safe means of exiting the water for visitors of all ages and volunteers who accidentally fell into the water from the quay heading, manoeuvring visitor boats some of whom may or may not be visiting the Museum and for the public mooring on the public staithe at Stalham adjacent to the Museum.

Grant amount: £1,742.80
Applicant: Museum of the Broads

Past Projects Broads by Bike

Broads by Bike

The project will benefit visitors and local cyclists touring the Broads area by bicycle by ensuring easier navigation along the various Broads by Bike routes.

Small signs will be erected which are self-adhesive stickers placed on appropriate highway signs at junctions and turnings.

It should also benefit tourism businesses and attractions located along the routes by ensuring visitors are more easily able to keep to the designated routes and to pass and stop at the various points of interest, attractions, and refreshment stops along the way.

The grant will fund the design and printing of the signage which will be put in place by volunteers.

Grant amount £750
Application: Broads Bike Hire Association

For more info: Broads by Bike

Carlton & Oulton Marshes Nature Reserve

Carlton & Oulton Marshes Nature Reserve

The project will enable visitors and local people to enjoy the fabulous wildlife of Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Broadland Nature Reserve at Carlton & Oulton Marshes by updating an all-weather, accessible, circular footpath around the marshes.

Maintaining a network of paths is fundamental to ensuring visitors' enjoyment of the site for everyone.

The work planned through this project will help to maintain and improve this fantastic resource for visitors and local people. The Love the Broads grant will pay for the materials to deliver this much needed project with volunteers undertaking the work.

Grant amount: £1,500
Applicant: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

This project has a business sponsor:
The Waveney River Centre will fund this project exclusively from their Love the Broads donations

For more info: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Barn Owl Boxes

Barn Owl Boxes

Once a familiar site in the Broads and surrounding villages, barn owls have become an increasingly uncommon sight. This project aims to increase the number of these wonderful birds in the Broads.

Ten barn owl boxes were successfully installed in December 2013, with the remaining seven boxes fitted in February 2014, well in advance of the breeding season.

Increasing the habitat for barn owls is particularly important in order to sustain breeding pairs. We are delighted that landowners at four of the sites have agreed to undertake further habitat improvements for barn owls including the creation of rough grassland margins.

The Love the Broads grant was also used as "match funding" for a further £2,000 from the Norfolk Biodiversity Project for an education pack. The Hawk and Owl Trust will start work on the education materials in autumn 2014, with the pack ready for 2015.

Good news - two pairs of barn owls have already moved into Love the Broads funded boxes on the River Yare

The image shows Erica Murray, Broads Authority, and Nigel Middleton, Hawk & Owl Trust, just about to erect one of the new barn owl boxes funded by Love the Broads.

Grant amount: £2,000
Applicant: Broads Authority in partnership with Hawk & Owl Trust

For more info: Broads Authority

Bats in the Broads

Bats in the Broads

This project brings science, nature and technology to local communities in the Broads area. It is hoped to get as many people as possible thinking about the hours of darkness in a different way and bats are a really good group to inspire interest. Through this project anyone can have the chance to borrow recording equipment to find out what species of bats are around them.

The aim of the project will be to identify the landscape use by bats and bat corridors to and from the Broads' core wildlife area and the hinterland. The Love the Broads funding for a bat detector kit will help to achieve this.

The photograph shows a young volunteer and helper about to set up a bat detector kit.

Grant amount: £1,148
Application: British Trust for Ornithology

For more info: Bats in the Broads

Visitor information at Thurne Windmill

Visitor information at Thurne Windmill

Thurne Windmill is situated at the end of the Staithe in the village of Thurne and is close to the Weaver's Way. Thurne mill is one of the most iconic mills on the Norfolk Broads and it also pumps too. Built in 1820 by the millwrights England & Co of Ludham, Norfolk, it would have had common canvas sails and a scoopwheel but in 1885 the mill was hained to accommodate the new turbine pump and the patent sails. These allowed the Marshmen a little more free time.

A programme of improvements has recently been undertaken including the painting of the exterior of the mill.

Thurne Windmill, which is a not-for-profit social enterprise, is keen to enhance the visitor experience. The mill is now open twice a month from April to September and popular circular walks take place from Thurne Mill and the Wind Energy Museum at Repps along the riverbank and back through Dewbeck wood using the Weavers way. An annual fundraising abseil/leap of faith also takes place.

Whilst there are interior interpretation panels there are no exterior signs providing visitors with information and a warm welcome.

Love the Broads is funding an exterior interpretation board at Thurne Windmill which will have information about the windmill and the special environment in which it is located.

Grant amount: £1,500
Applicant: Thurne Wind Energy Museum

For more info: Thurne Wind Energy Museum

Aquatic sampling and viewing equipment

Aquatic sampling and viewing equipment

The Nancy Oldfield Trust offers disabled and socially disadvantaged people excitement, freedom, adventure and provides wheelchair access to the Norfolk Broads.

This project will enable children and young adults the opportunity to access dyke rivers and broads from the Trust's various boats to collect, handle, identify and understand the aquatic life found in these thriving natural habitats. Love the Broads will fund the equipment required to do this including nets, trays, magnifiers and bug pots and a field microscope. The equipment will also be used in a new classroom facility at the Trust's headquarters.

Grant amount: £387.34
Applicant: Nancy Oldfield Trust

For more info: Nancy Oldfield Trust

Dyke dipping platform

Dyke dipping platform

Carlton & Oulton Marshes has the largest extent of wetland habitat in the Suffolk Broads. The dykes at Carlton Marshes have long been known to support large populations of rare species and a rich assemblage of plants.
This project will install a second dyke-dipping platform for school groups to use. It will now be possible to maintain the quality of this experience whilst avoiding the risk of over-dipping causing damage to the dyke fauna.
The platform will be constructed from recycled plastic 'timber' planks and will extend out over the dyke to enable children to dip into the deeper water safely, and ensuring every child in a larger group can participate during a day visit.

As the platform is alongside the all-weather footpath (funded by Love the Broads in 2013) it also offers a window into the dyke for visitors.

Grant amount: £2,625
Applicant: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

This project has a business sponsor:
The Waveney River Centre will fund this project exclusively from their Love the Broads donations

For more info: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Interpretive leaflet for How Hill's Secret Garden

Interpretive leaflet for How Hill's Secret Garden

5,000 copies of an interpretive leaflet with map will be printed to support the visitor experience at the Secret Garden at How Hill. Visitors to How Hill will now be able to benefit from the major changes in the water garden which has an extended boardwalk and new planting. The new leaflet will enable visitors, including those less able, to fully enjoy the environment, trees and shrubs, supported by the information in the leaflet.

Grant Amount: £1,100
Herbert Woods will fund this project exclusively from their Love the Broads donations

For more info: How Hill Trust

Nature Explorers at Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve

Nature Explorers at Strumpshaw Fen Nature Reserve

Strumpshaw Fen nature reserve is the wild heart of the Broads with a striking landscape of reedbeds, pools, meadows and woodlands. It offers a unique, memorable and fun learning experience inspiring new generations of nature explorers and adventurers.

A new high quality covered area will enable schools and youth groups to extend the teaching season and encourage schools to come and enjoy the site earlier in the spring and later into the autumn. An all-weather tent will ensure it offers a dry and comfortable haven to retreat to even on days when children have braved the elements whilst adventuring out on the reserve.

Grant amount: £1,500
Applicant: RSPB

For more info: RSPB Strumpshaw Fen