Introduction of Fen Raft Spider to the Broads

The Broads has lost 67 species since the 1950s and research reveals that 423 rare species, including plants, insects and fish have not been recorded in the last 23 years. Projects such as this are the only way to secure the future of iconic wetland species.

The project, now in the third of four years, has enabled another new Broadland population of this rare and beautiful animal and to share the excitement with an ever growing audience.

The work funded by Love the Broads is on track and continuing to deliver an exciting result for the Broads.

Total Grant amount: £750 per annum over 4 years – Total amount £3,000
Total amount funded by year 4 = £3,000 (2018 is the final year of this grant)
Applicant: Broads Authority on behalf of SWT, RSPB and Natural England

For more info: Fen Raft Spider

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